Cost and Time Comparison

Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. vs. Court

Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. was specifically designed to offer quick, cost-effective resolutions to divorce conflict. It is FAR less time consuming and expensive than a resolution through a court trial.


Courts can take 12 – 18 months

The wheels of justice turn slowly, very slowly. In order to achieve a final resolution through a court trial there are numerous steps that need to be completed before a trial can even be scheduled. Once you are finally ready to schedule a trial, the court is so backlogged that your trial booking can be many months away. As a result it generally takes a minimum of 12 months to get to trial after litigation is started and can often take years. The solutions offered through Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. can be completed in a matter of hours or weeks.


Don’t spend $60,000 – $150,000 or more

In traditional litigation, time is money – a lot of money. Lawyers are paid by the hour and because it is so time consuming to get through a court trial it is also incredibly expensive. Generally each parties’ legal fees far exceed $60,000 to get through a trial with a divorce lawyer and many times a trial will cost each party $150,000 or more. Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. offers flat rate services and all its services are a tiny fraction of what litigation costs. Our services are so inexpensive that the total cost is less than the amount each party would individually spend litigating a resolution through a court trial.






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