Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. offers professional arbitration services to clients that are unable to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. An arbitration is akin to a court trial and an arbitrated decision takes the place of a trial judgment.


THE RIGHT DECISION Our clients can be confident that we have the education, experience and expertise to render a decision that is comprehensive and properly applies the current law.


BINDING & ENFORCEABLE All of our arbitration awards are legally binding and enforceable in court.


FLEXIBILITY With guidance and direction, our clients are able to customize their arbitration process to meet their particular needs. Clients can have input on the timing, level of formality, and format of the arbitration process.


PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL The arbitration process is private and confidential, unlike litigation that takes place in open court with documentation accessible to the public. In contrast, our services take place in a private boardroom.


EASY We walk clients through the entire process step by step, in order to accommodate clients that prefer not to retain divorce lawyers, although anyone is free to attend arbitration with a divorce lawyer.







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