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These are some of the important issues considered in each of these processes. If you have any questions please connect with us directly.
Child Support
Jones Divorce Mediation can assist with settling issues related to child support, whether it is ascertaining Guideline Income for self-employed individuals, determining what expenses should be shared between the parties or how support should be dealt with in a shared parenting regime.
Parenting Plans, Custody & Access
Jones Divorce Mediation can assist parties in developing meaningful and comprehensive parenting plans that take into account the age and developmental needs of the children as well as the circumstances of both parents. Many families benefit from having a detailed parenting arrangement that specifies parenting matters, such as the following:
  • The days and times each parent is responsible for the children to assure stability and consistency for the children
  • How children will share important holidays and special events with both parents
  • How arrangements are made to allow children the opportunity to spend quality extended vacation time with each parent
  • How educational, health and other information about the children will be shared between parents
  • How both parents can support and participate in the children's extra-curricular activities and special events
  • How parents can share their religious values with the children.
Changes to the parenting plan and the parenting schedule can always be made with the agreement of both parents or through court, if necessary.
Spousal Support
Spousal support is a complicated and difficult area of the law because it is based on a wide range of factors and the decision maker is afforded a great deal of discretion in determining the amount of spousal support payable. Â As a result, it is difficult for lawyers to advise clients on what would be awarded if parties went to court to have this issue decided.

Jones Divorce Mediation can help. We can review the various options available to resolve this issue as well as the range of support likely to be paid. Mediation services are offered to assist parties in reaching consensus on this issue and arbitration services can be used in the event a binding decision is required to end a dispute on this issue. Either way, we can provide an efficient end to your conflict at a fraction of the cost of litigating this matter.
Division of Assets & Debts / Matrimonial Property
Whether parties are married or cohabiting, a separation or divorce involves couples detaching their intertwined financial lives and separating their assets and debts. In order to resolve those matters in a legally enforceable manner, which protects both parties, they must either sign a binding contract, or obtain an arbitration award or a court judgment.

If parties proceed to arbitration or trial, the division of their assets and liabilities will occur pursuant to the Matrimonial Property Act and/or the common law (judge made law). In the event parties agree to divide their property in mediation, they have the flexibility to be creative, think outside the box and reach any agreement they find mutually acceptable.

It is important for parties to be well informed of the law. There are many legal nuances, intricacies and complexities relating to the tax implications of dividing certain property, exemptions and their increases in value as well as the division of debts. Additionally, the law in these areas is constantly evolving. As a result, people should be careful to retain the assistance of someone with extensive legal training, knowledge and experience to relay accurate information. We have extensive legal education and training and have practiced law exclusively in the area of family and divorce law for over 3&1/2 decades. With us, you can be confident that you will be provided with accurate and complete information and, if arbitrating, that we can make a correct decision by properly applying current law and legal principles.
Legal Contracts
Jones Divorce Mediation also assists with cohabitation contracts and/or prenuptial agreements.

Parties who wish to sign a cohabitation agreement, prenuptial agreement or marriage agreement are free to utilize the mediation services of Jones Divorce Mediation to assist them with the challenging conversations involved in exploring each party's expectations, beliefs, interests, needs and goals in a respectful, constructive and non-threatening manners. Coming to a harmonious agreement through mediation allows parties to work together to better understand and meet their needs, interest and expectations in a manner that strengthens their relationship.
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