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We offer tailored processes for your needs

In light of our current reality due to the COVID-19 situation, I wanted to reach out to you with some options for dispute resolutions which can be shared with your clients. It is our intention to be “business as usual” in these unusual times and we hope that these tailored options can help you continue to move files forward and help your clients achieve meaningful resolutions.

Through Jones Divorce Mediation, we offer 4 process options for arbitration:

  1. Accelerated Hearings;
  2. Abbreviated Hearings;
  3. Oral Hearings; and
  4. Customized Hearings.

These distinct processes are designed to cater to the unique needs of your clients and all offer binding resolutions. If you are interested in any of these options, please visit our website which offers detailed information on the processes, resolutions and costs. We are willing to work with you to ensure your clients find a process that works for them so please reach out with any questions.

Accelerated Hearing

Accelerated Hearings are designed to be done electronically with parties submitting affidavits and arguments via email. This process option is best for single issues and time sensitive matters such as:

Abbreviated Hearing

Abbreviated Hearings are designed to be electronic with the option of including oral evidence (all oral evidence can be done via ZOOM, if necessary). This process option is appropriate for multi-issue matters such as:

Oral Hearings

Oral Hearings, which can be facilitated via ZOOM, require a pre-arbitration telephone call in which timelines and issues will be agreed upon. Parties are required to exchange disclosure and have the option of Questioning the other party on written submissions. This process option is a full arbitration hearing and is appropriate for multi-issue and in-depth matters.

Customized Hearings

Our Customized Hearings are designed to allow lawyers and clients to select and design a process that works best for their unique situation. A pre-arbitration telephone call is required for this service.

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about our process options for arbitration or have any questions, please reach out using our contact information below.

Jones Divorce Mediation

T: (403) 351-3625

F: (587) 393-8071


Remote Working and Communication with Clients

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, Jones Divorce Mediation is committed to providing a safe environment for our clients and our employees. As such, we will continue to provide services to all clients, potential clients and communicate with our colleagues via email, telephone and Zoom.

We are following all recommended safety procedures as they are publicized but we do not plan to close our office. Throughout all of this, we do not expect our daily interactions with our clients to change and we will continue to provide reliable mediation services. We are dedicated to working with our clients to ensure they feel supported and comfortable in this ever-changing global climate.'

All of our mediators and support staff continue to be available by email or telephone which can be found here. If you are a new client looking for legal advice, please contact us at or (403) 351-3625.

Communication with Our Office

Zoom is a reliable cloud platform used for video and audio conferencing and is extremely easy to use! At the time of your scheduled meeting, the mediator will send you an email with your meeting ID which you can then use to enter the meeting. You can access the meeting from a desktop computer, or you can download the App to access Zoom through your cellphone.

If you want to download Zoom, visit the App Store or Google Play Store. The set up is very user friendly and our office has put together a step by step guide. If you require any assistance with Zoom, please contact us and will be happy to help!

 Attending Jones Divorce Mediation

For those needing to attend our office in-person, we ask that you make an appointment in advance and answer the following questions for the health and safety of everyone in our community:

Any person entering our office will be screened in accordance with the latest Alberta Health Guidelines.

Nesting Is A Unique Home-Sharing Structure

Reading bedtime story

Routine is very important to children so staying in one home has benefits

For many divorcing parents, keeping the children happy is the main priority. For some children, change may not be something they are particularly excited about and the marital residence may be the only home they have ever known. Some parents are now considering “Nesting” as a way of simplifying life post-divorce, but it does come with its own advantages and disadvantages.

What is Nesting?

Nesting means keeping the family residence intact as a home for the children, whilst the parents rotate living there during their parenting time. Typically, the parents keep a separate residence to stay in whilst they are not residing in the family home during their parenting time. Nesting can be a good transition for the family post-divorce and can be successful in the short-term until both parents and children are comfortable enough to move on.



Create a Parenting Plan That Works

Even if you and your spouse are rotating in and out of the family home, you will still need a parenting plan. The plan is tailored to each family’s unique situation and should include a schedule of each person’s parenting time and how bills will be funded and paid. It can also include responsibilities such as maintenance, an agreement to leave the home in a reasonable condition when rotating out and also describe what should remain private such as personal computers.

Consult Your Family Lawyer/Mediator

Nesting requires each parent to maintain good communication, trust and an ability to follow rules and agreements. Keep in mind that that there are a number of additional issues you will need to deal with when making this type of arrangement. That is why it is important to work with an experienced divorce lawyer or mediator. If you are considering Nesting and want to know about whether Nesting would be a good plan for you, contact us today.

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