parenting after divorce, divorce, mediation, calgary divorce, calgary divorce mediation, parentingDo's and Don'ts of Parenting After Divorce

Let's face it - parenting is tough under regular circumstances, let alone when you are trying to parent during or after a divorce.  There are many emotions that arise from divorce from the perspective of children, parents, and surrounding family. Here are a few tips from our team that can help you navigate parenting after divorce. Feel free to share this article with your former partner or spouse, as well as with your children and supporting family to discuss how these might impact your family.



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divorce, mediation, mediated divorce, arbitration, children, children and divorce, calgary mediationKids and a New Partner: Things to Consider

Dating after a divorce can be complicated, especially when you have children in the picture. You want them to like the new person in your life, but your kids are your life. Keeping the complications to a minimum means keeping several things in mind. Here are some things to consider before bringing your kids and a new partner together, so you can keep the peace and harmony in your family.

Kids and a New Partner

There are tons of questions to think about when you bring together kids and a new partner. Is it too soon? What if they don’t like your significant other? What’s the best way to introduce everyone? What if your kids are confused? How do you deal with anger? Read on for more details on these important considerations.

Is This Going to Last?

Are you getting serious with your new relationship? Is there a chance of getting serious? Introducing your kids to every single person with whom you go to the movies may not be the best idea. They could assume that nobody is going to stick around. The moment you and your new significant other talk about getting serious, though, discussions of meeting the family should come into play.

How Long Has It Been?

Have you been with your new partner for a month? Six months? A year? Only you know how long is “long enough,” but if you go too long without introducing your significant other to your kids, they may think you’re hiding something. At some point it becomes necessary to admit that yes, this is a serious thing.

How Old Are They?

Kids are resilient, but their attitudes and outlooks change significantly as they age. Younger kids are much more likely to accept a new person in their life more quickly, but will also have a harder time letting go if that new person leaves.

Older kids, on the other hand, may be more skeptical and distant with the new entry, but may also form close and long-term bonds if things work out. If you have teens, you may have an important opportunity to set a good example for positive dating relationships.

What Does Your Ex Think?

Your ex’s opinion doesn’t define your life—that ended when your marriage did. However, both you and they are still partners in raising your children, and you should both still value each other’s opinions. Take some time to talk with your ex about your new relationship. Consider even introducing your new partner to your ex before you do so to the kids. You may gain some insight you hadn’t yet considered.

Healing after divorce is a long process and new relationships are a part of that journey. If you would like more advice on finding yourself after the end of your marriage, contact us for information on how a mediated divorce can help you salvage something of your lost relationship. We offer a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your specific questions and concerns, and to help us get started. Click here to book your initial consultation.

Recommended Books for Divorce, Mediation & Arbitration 1Are you seeking resources to support you in your divorce or prepare for mediation or arbitration?

Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. has a number books on mediation, collaboration, dispute resolution, effective communication and parenting that we make available to our clients. We also have information brochures and communication skills workbooks available. Clients are welcome to borrow books from our library at any time. Here are 5 titles from our collection that you may find helpful in preparing for your mediation or arbitration, as well as after your divorce.

  1. A Guide to Divorce Mediation How to Reach a Fair, Legal Settlement at a Fraction of the Cost by Gary J. Freidman
  2. Because Life Goes On…Helping Children and Youth Live with Separation and Divorce by Health Canada *note: free to download! 
  3. Co-Parenting Survival Guide by Jeffrey Zimmerman & Elizabeth Thayer
  4. Getting to Yes Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In By Roger Fisher and William Ury
  5. Coping With Your Partner’s Jealousy by Nina Brown

Have you read any of these books? Any other books you can suggest that we add to our collection? Connect with us to learn more or to request to borrow a copy of any of these titles from our Calgary office.

Recommended Books for Divorce, Mediation & Arbitration 2






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Falling in Love After Divorce (Part 2) 3For many people, Valentine's Day can be a tough time of year, especially of you are newly divorced or going through a separation. Love is in the air and romance seems to abound - for everyone but you, it may seem. The painful experience of divorce can leave you feeling hopeless, alone and guarded against future relationships. Love might seem too far off to even consider. It is important to understand that no matter what happened in your previous relationship, love is always possible, along with happiness and trust. Here are our remaining tips to start your journey toward finding love again. These might not come into play in time for Valentine's Day, but will hopefully get you thinking in the right direction.

You can read Part 1 of this article here, with our first 2 tips on how to start looking for love again after divorce.

  1. No Blind Searching

Going to events or places that attract only singles may seem like a good idea that gives you an abundance of choices. But, people who begin their new dating process by frequenting singles clubs, or limiting themselves to blind dates are often highly discouraged, almost immediately retreating back behind their walls.

The best way to find a person who is compatible with yourself is to look in places that nurture what you love in life. Join clubs that feed your desires and interests, you are very likely to meet other singles who share your hobbies. Online dating is a great, modern alternative to meeting new people. Forums and dating sites take away the anxiety that comes with meeting others face to face. You can find people with shared beliefs and interests while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

  1. No Excuses

If you are ready and you want a partner to spend your life with, do not let your excuses stop you from realizing that dream. Love is probably not going to show up on your doorstep. Make the time to put yourself out there and meet new people. Your expectations may be low, but the rewards that come with letting go of the things that hold you back from finding new love far exceed the negative possibilities.

  1. Get Excited

Dating is fun, from the butterflies to the goodbyes that leave you smiling at your doorstep. Deciding to date again after divorce should be an experience that excites you. Start the process with feelings of joy, happiness and anticipation of what awesome opportunities this could bring to your future.

Let yourself shine as you begin your search for a new love after divorce mediation. You deserve the fun and happiness the experience can bring. For more tips for healing and beginning again after going through a divorce, visit our blog.

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